This is a very short book. I am not an eminent theologian. But I think that it does give Christian readers something interesting to think about.
While studying prayer, and especially contemplative prayer, I became interested in the concept of the monastic life. What a wonderful life, totally immersed in spiritual things during all your waking hours — living a life of prayer and contemplation.

Think about the possibility or practicality of living a monastic-type life while being an evangelical Christian. An “evangelical monk” — a paradox?

Monastic evangelicalism is living an evangelical God-centered life, dedicating all that you do secularly to the sacred Lord, even as you live in and interact with the world.


Monastic Evangelicalism

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When you see a rainbow do you simply look at it as a refraction of the sunlight through droplets of water, spreading the color spectrum to be individually visible? Or do you see a wonder of the universe, of God, and appreciate it as something rare and beautiful?

Or how about the rain? When it rains do you get depressed or discouraged? “Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.” When I spent two weeks in the neurological ICU, paralyzed from the neck down, each day it was necessary for them to wheel me on a gurney out the door of the Emergency Room to the trailer that housed the decompression chamber. And the days that it was raining, I had them loiter a moment so that I could enjoy the feel of the rain on my face.

When you are driving on the highway and someone cuts you off, do you immediately feel your blood pressure rising, and the anger coming on, and you honk your horn, and make a gesture, and pound on the steering wheel, and … You know. Do you let that fury fester, and when you get home you kick the cat? Why? Is it worth it? Who wins?

MUSINGS is a book of life lessons in the commonplace — trying to look at things and activities around us with a different eye. It is not a book for sitting down and reading through in one sitting. It is a book into which you occasionally dip, read a few pages, and then think of how your life corresponds with what you just read? Will it change your life? It may. I would pray that it does. Will it change how you view the commonplace? I certainly hope so. But you won’t know until you read it.



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I think everyone has that one special place that they love. It might be the Florida Keys, or a cabin in the North Carolina mountains. We all have that place that we run to in our daydreams or long for during trying times. Maybe for you it is Walt Disney World.

For me it is a small peninsula of land known as The Eastern Shore of Virginia. For over sixty years that area has been my very special place. It is not just the physical place, though. It is the people and the atmosphere and the way of life that are the magical experience. It’s food and smells and sounds. It is about a way of being.

AN EASTERN SHORE SKETCHBOOK is a loving look at the lower Eastern Shore. For those who live there or have visited there, you’ll recognize many of the people and places. For those who have not, I hope you will be able to read the SKETCHBOOK, find amusement and enjoyment in its reflections, and perhaps transfer some of that to memories deeply seated in your minds of your special place.


An Eastern Shore Sketchbook

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We were experienced. We were careful. It wasn’t enough.

A mini-memoir about a dive trip gone wrong, and the resulting aftermath of hospitals, paralysis, and hope.

Be forewarned, this is a short book. But it is only $.99


An Eastern Shore Sketchbook

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