About David Thatcher Wilson

About David Thatcher Wilson

I served in Viet Nam with the United States Army, and ultimately retired from the United States Coast Guard with a 100% disability. In between times I was a SCUBA instructor, a traveling salesman, a municipal public information officer, part-time copywriter and photographer, advertising account executive, and college professor. I’ll even lay claim to having been a professional folk singer, once upon a time.

Although I wrote my first stories in the fifth grade (over 59 years ago!), and have continued since, my first novel did not come until National Novel Writing Month 2005. It is a novel about a minor demon, Ezkeel, and how he causes trouble in a small town’s funeral business. I’m not sure what genre it is.

A number of people read it, but one of the prevalent comments was, “Now what?” The book left Ezkeel as a puff of yellow smoke by the side of a road. That was when I realized that I needed a sequel. But as I thought about it, I realized that I actually need two prequels. So, here I am with a finished novel (well, except for editing and such), but I cannot publish it until I write two prequels. At least I know where my work lies. (The Ezkeel Novels.)

The first (well, third) Ezkeel novel is based in Eastville on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. The Eastern Shore is a place I love dearly, and I have published (October 2016) a quirky memoir, THE EASTERN SHORE SKETCHBOOK. It is memories of 60+ years visiting The Eastern Shore, along with many photos showing some of the beauty and eccentricities.

Finally, I have also published a compilation of over 40 reflections on life titled MUSINGS: Life Lessons in the Commonplace. It is a book for quiet contemplation.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them. I also hope that you will get to know Ezkeel. I can’t say he is not a bad demon. Hey! He’s a fallen angel in Satan’s employ. But I think you might find his exploits and his use of New Age, Santeria, Vodou, and Wicca interesting.


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